On this website we present common spiders of Indonesian cacao plantations. You can find here a collection of picture-plates that illustrate spiders collected from cacao agroforestry sites at the margin of the Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Scientific names as far as identified now are mentioned with the plates and should be corrected and updated regularly based on specialist's input.

The specimens have been collected within the framework of the research project "Arthropod diversity and trophic interactions in relation to agroforestry management and ENSO droughts" funded by the DFG under SFB 552 "STORMA" (Stability of Rainforest Margins in Indonesia).

Arachnologists are very much invited to send in new identifications or corrections of old ones of spiders shown here, to taxonomic levels that are not yet mentioned.

Interested specialists can ask for samples to work with. All photographed spiders represent wet collections that are labeled, mounted and well documented.

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Contact K. Stenchly for information.

Common spiders of Indonesian cacao agroforestry systems

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